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C, Cobol, ASM Programs ...

Here are a list of C, COBOL, Assembly(8085) programs which will we useful for students in their 2nd year Engg Course... You will require Turbo C to run the C programs... it can be downloaded at ... and M$ COBOL compiler 1987 to compile the cobol programs


C Programs

Direct Access Files Insertion & Deletion of records from direct access files using chaining
Simple Index File This is an implementation of simple index files
Hash Table Hash Table with collision detection with or without replacement
InOrder Threaded Tree All 3 traversals using threads in the InOrder Threaded Binary Tree
Binary Tree Binary Search Tree - Add, Delete, Display Traversals, Display Graphically, Height, Leaf Nodes & Mirror Image.
Binary Tree Traversals Inorder, Preorder & Postorder Traversals of Binary Tree Using Recursion and without recursion
Infix To Pre/Post Fix 2 Same program as below but using different logic for InFix - PreFix
Infix To Pre/Post Fix Converts InFix Equation into PreFix or PostFix Equation and also evaluates the equation.
Merge & Sort Merges Two Link Lists and Sort them
Doubly Linked List Performs Addition, Deletion, Display forward & Backward, Search, length in doubly linked lists
Polynomial Functions Performs addition, multiplication and evaluation of a polynomial using circular linked lists.

Sparse Matrix

Performs Addition of two Sparse Matrices and Simple, Fast Transpose.


COBOL Programs

Sequential Files with Modification Students database using sequential files with function for modifying record.
Matrix Multiplication Multiply Two 3x3 Matrices
Sequential Files Students database using sequential files.
Relative Files Students database using Relatice files.


Assembly Programs (8085)

Bubble Sort Sorts an array using the bubble sort algo.
ADD Positive Numbers Add's Only Positive numbers in an Array.
Compare Numbers Find The Highest Number in an Array.
Exchange Array Swaps two arrays.


Other Programs ...

Sine-Cosine Wave Generator Program which will draw a Sine/Cosine Wave on the screen according to the values of Frequency and Amplitude Entered by user.
Pong This is the simplest game ever developed, it was also the first computer game which was made by a couple of research students in the 1960's ...
Tic Tac Toe   (Cross & Nuts) - Game This is a Tic Tac Toe game, it has two modes - two player and one player against the computer ... it has a graphical interface which is easy to use .. though the computer is'nt to smart and can be beaten easily, I'm still working on it ...