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FD Format GUI

FD Format is a program written by Christoph H. Hochst„tter and is a dos based program which is very similar to the fdformat program used in Linux. The program allows users to format disks which might not format with the Windows/DOS formatting programs, you can also format disks of different capacities. I have only made a GUI with which the user can select the drive, type of format and other options and these will be sent to the fdformat program which will do the needful.

This program can also make exact images of a floppy and write images to a floppy. 

System Requirements :

- Windows 95/98/Me

 - Floppy Drive

Download FD Format GUI Ver 1.0

Size (377 kb)

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This program might give problems during execution if installed on a Windows NT platform i.e. Windows NT/2000/XP as they all have emulated dos modes and not real dos...

NOTE : This program is a public-domain product for private and educational use. The author cannot be held responsible for any damages caused due to the usage of this program. You may freely copy and use it without any charge. This program must not be sold for profit. An adaequate fee may be requested for copying, shipping and handling when redistributing this program.You may modify and improve this program, but the executable program must show a message that your version has been modified.