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Microcontroller Section

This section is entirely dedicated to microcontrollers ...

These programs have been tested on the AVRY kit avaliable at website. Though the code i have posted should be able to run on any AVR microcontrollers.


AVRY Demo v1.0   This program can display all the capabilities of the AVRY board such as all the sensors, RTC (Real Time Clock), LCD, using buttons, etc. To download the HEX file directly click here



 AT Command Set This library implements the AT command for the microcontroller. In its present form it provided very basic functionality, but i hope to increase its compatibility with the command set

Software Timer

Implementation of a software timer for the ATMega16 with an accuracy of 0.001 seconds. There is no limit as such for the number of software timer the user wants to create but i still have not implemented timer interrupts and the timer needs to be polled by the user program

Software UART User defined software uart's which can be configured to receive or transmit. (coming soon)