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All Server 2.0


This program once installed in your computer acts like a HTTP/TELNET/PROXY Server.

It makes the directory which it is installed in its root directory and with just one click of  the button the server is online and ready to accept connections... 

The HTTP server also supports "*.wml" & "*.wbmp" files so you can also publish your WAP pages using this server ... the program takes "page.htm" as the default page i.e anyone who is connecting to your server will have to type "yourip/page.htm" if the person only types "yourip" in his browser he will be taken to the error page ... the server supports html, htm, zip, exe, wml, jpg, gif, wbmp files in the future i will add more file support ...   

The TELENT server has basic functionality and allows you to browse around your computer and remotely control some aspects of it, the server is password protected so as not to allow any unauthorised logins. The administrator can also set permissions for the users as a safeguard  ...

The SMTP server actually is two servers in one the first one is the Incoming server through which you can receive mails directly to your computer i.e. your email address will be "you@yourip" and anyone who sends an email to this address will be directly received by and saved in your computer. The second server is a normal SMTP server which can be used to send outgoing mails using third party software ... (Note these servers are still in the BETA satges and has still to be developed fully due to which you may encounter errors)

The PROXY server is a very basic proxy server which accepts connections from a computer at any port you specify and relay that to another proxy server ... this part of the program is still in the Beta stages so if you come across any problems running this please do email me ...



Windows 95/98/2000/XP, Minimum 64MB RAM (128 Recommended),

PII 350 MHz Or Higher   


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 NOTEThis program is a public-domain product for private and educational use. The author cannot be held responsible for any damages caused due to the usage of this program. You may freely copy and use it without any charge. This program must not be sold for profit. An adaequate fee may be requested for copying, shipping and handling when redistributing this program.You may modify and improve this program, but the executable program must show a message that your version has been modified.