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Gaurang's Homepage

Welcome to my homepage, here you'll find software programmed by me, Please Email Me with your Comments and Suggestions ...

All Server

This program once installed in your computer acts like a HTTP/TELNET/PROXY Server. This software is basically meant for people who have broadband connection and want to host a website at home on their PC, the telnet server also allows you to remotely control your PC.


WapSite is a small program which helps you make your very own Wap (WML) site in minutes without any previous knowledge of WML code. {WML - Wireless Markup Language}

FD Format

This is a GUI frontend for Win32 OS's for the fdformat program made by Christoph H. Hochst„tter. This is a very useful program which can format floppies which have trouble formatting in Windows or DOS.

Educational Programs

These are just an assorted list of programs which i have made or am making which are directly related to the sciences or mathematics and maybe helpful to someone studying the same topic.

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